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Start a Rewarding Career at Pluralsight
Pluralsight is a fast growing DEV/IT training company with room for talented people who are passionate about technology, education and helping others. We're continually looking for winners with entrepreneurial spirit who are motivated and passionate about their work and success.

What Sets Us Apart
Our courses are designed around real-world scenarios and teaching practical skills that can be seamlessly applied in the field. We use an interactive, hands-on approach that engages students in a fun, dynamic learning environment, giving them the tools they need to advance their careers and achieve professional excellence.

We're on a Mission
Our mission is to become the world's leading computer training company by providing the highest quality products and services, giving our customers personalized attention and respect, and staying on the cutting edge of developing technologies.

Share Our Vision
We will exceed our customers' expectations, inspire our employees and improve the world around us by adhering to our values and giving back generously.